October 13, 2018

What is your greatest fear?

Im in my pyjamas, lounging around and working from bed today after a long week working around the sensationally stunning Atlantic Coastline of Ireland with Appleton Photography Training. 

Feeling tired and listening to the howling wind and rain outside, I have no intention of moving from my comfy lying position for at least half the day. After all, I deserve the rest (or so I keep telling myself....

September 3, 2018

Natural, vegan, cruelty free makeup can very often be expensive and sometimes completely sold out at the limited places that do sell it due to popular demand... which is great for the company who creates these awesome products, but not so good for those of us who don't want to spend a lot on makeup OR join a waiting list for their next product release date.

BUT my friends this doesn’t mean we have to settle for buying...

“We can only love another being as much as we love ourselves.”

When I read this statement I stopped in my tracks, my mind finally had the answer I was waiting for.

Why was I so full of love for someone who could never return the abundance I desired?

Someone who had caused my heart more pain than I ever thought possible to feel. 

Some time ago I had found a love within me, so pure and strong and I shared that unconditional love wit...

Today I woke up for the first time. 

Ecstatic Dancing with over 30 people was a third eye opening and incredibly powerful experience.

The ecstatic dance was held at The Yoga Forest in San Marcos, which was an adventure in itself to find. I walked from Tzununa, the next town over on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala which was where I was staying. From Tzununa it takes around 35 minutes to reach San Marcos and from there it was another adve...

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