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September 16, 2017

Ive travelled a wonderful amount during the past few years and there are a few travelling

tricks Ive learnt along the way to save money wherever possible so im always ready for the next adventure!! :)

#1 Be flexible... with your dates!
Its no secret airlines just LOVE over charging for those crumby airplane seats.
Sometimes a flight on a Saturday can be 4 times the price as the exact same flight on the following Monday. So whenever possible I try and fly on the cheapest days in the month that I plan on going. If its an exceptionally expensive month I may even choose to fly elsewhere as most times hotels will follow this same trend.


#2 Minimalism pays!
When I was growing up I always read about these mega capsule wardrobes, mix'n'match your heart out of 4 items to make 300 different looks. God knows Ive still not perfected this art but I have learnt that less is absolutely always better than more! Lugging round 20kg of 'stuff' for 2 months is NOT something you want to be doing unless you have a PA or chueffer, so trust me with this one, 5 swimwear, 10 tops, 2 pairs of shoes and a few shorts & dresses IS enough for 1 month, 2 months, 3, 4, 5, 6... 



#3 HANDLUGGAGE MAN... Always hand luggage!
So this kind of goes hand in hand with #2. On my first ever solo backpacking venture I took one 65litre backpack and one 25litre day bag for a month. Modest? Too much? Average backpacker get'up? YES average backpacker get'up and unless you plan to camp or go to a cold climate that is (in my opinion) TOO much stuff.
3 years on I just got back from spending the same amount of time in a 3rd world country and all I took was that exact same 25litre bag. THATS ALL. Plus a thin unlined collapsable waterproof small day backpack 5litre - this bad boy folds up and flattens to the width of paper and the size of a pea (now THAT is an investment!!! Paow)
Long story short, if your main bag fits in a standard airline carry on size allowance you can save time AND money. Checking in a bag costs dollar and waiting in line for it to arrive costs patience not to mention if it goes missing it can completely ruin a trip.
So I always make sure my bag can come with me on the plane, I save the money, dont have to wait around at the airport for it AND it really is so much more convenient travelling with a small bag.

I have many more tips and tricks for travelling longer and saving as many pennies as possible along the way so stay tuned for my next travel blog post!
Got a question for me? Head on over to the contact me page and ask away. Im always more than happy to respond.
Thankyou for reading & safe travels,

Rebecca x



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