Sell Your House, Live On A Sailboat

September 16, 2017


Living on a sailboat is like living in a very small condo that you can pick up and move to a new location as and when you fancy. Noisy neighbours, mosquitos, or even if you just want a change of scenery, No problem! We just fire up the engine or hoist the sails and off we go to the next bay on the island.


Sailboats can be incredibly eco-tastic too, install your floating home with solar panels, a water maker and wind turbine and 'bobs your uncle' you are self sufficient with free water and electricity all day every day. In comparison to buying a self sufficient small condo & paying the monthly maintenance fees in any of the cities in the US... or most of the western world... A boat is a MUCH more affordable option, contrary to many beliefs.

For example, US Virgin Island, Great St James was just purchased for $40million. One of the bays off this small island is a protected wildlife area and the mooring balls are used by many boats who stay from 1 night to years (on the down low)... The average property price in the Virgin Islands can range from $500,000 on St Thomas to in excess of $2 million on St John, but you can grab a mooring for $1000 and a modest boat for $20,000 and PAOW you can see into that fancy millionaires back garden and the ocean is your personal swimming pool.


I've learnt to adapt to the smaller space, organization is key and boats have a surprisingly large amount

of handy hidden away storage compartments. I very often paddleboard to the nearest land mass for yoga, running and walking, as well as swimming daily which keeps me feeling healthy, happy and less like the hamster you transport home in the small box after purchase. And although I may be inconvenienced in some ways from living in a house, the benefits out way the good and all in all... what a marvelous experience, living on a boat, to be able to pick up and move onto another beautiful paradise at the drop of a mad hatters hat.


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