The BEST Sponge Cake EVER.

September 23, 2017



 It can be difficult to find a good reliable cake recipe that

1. is going to turn out tasty, 

2. Is going to raise well and look good


3. is Vegan! But good enough that non vegans wouldnt be able to tell.

I wanted a recipe that was simple enough to make and didn't have a load of fancy dancing ingredients requiring hiking through the Himalayas to acquire. 

So here it is!!!

We have made this cake 4 times and it has been a success with everyone. Every. Single. Time!

From teenagers, to bbq meat eating Americans, to the scone eating English, vegans ...and my grandma and grandad (the fussiest of them all).

Simple ingredients. No fuss. Perfect every time. Bloody tasty!





400g Self Raising flour

1 1/4 Tbsp Bicarb of soda

250g Caster Sugar

115ml Melted Vegan Butter

400ml Vanilla Almond Milk

3 Tbsp Maple Syrup 



Combine wet ingredients in 1 bowl

Combine dry ingredients in bowl 2

Combine bowl 1 & 2

Pour mixture into a silicone cake tin 

Bake in the oven at 180C for 35-45 minutes.




200g dairy free butter

175g icing sugar


For chocolate frosting add Cocoa powder

For lemon frosting add Lemon juice & zest

For almond frosting add Almond Extract & chopped almonds



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