High Protein Vegetables You Should Start Eating Today

January 8, 2018


With Veganuary upon us there will be a whole new group of people falling victim to the infamous question every vegan gets asked at least 100,000 times per year....


"Where do you get your protein from?"


Ah that simple but irritating question has the same effect as nails on a chalk board.


And it goes down as so:


Omnivore turns into the latest health advisory expert and the vegan gets pitied for their lack of satisfactory quick-fire intellectual response to this ridiculous question. 


Omnivore declares its love of meat and cheese, how it could "never be vegan"


All other surrounding parties in a 400 mile radius harp in with agreement


Poor said vegan is left frustrated, alone and making mental note to research & memorise quick factual replies to this question OR wondering if they will grow feeble and die from deficiency in protein.


SO, I compiled a short list of vegetables with the highest percentage of protein, and it may surprise you...



Whilst protein is important, its actually unbelievably easy to reach your recommended daily requirements just through eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and grains as I have learnt.


NO NEED ROR SUPPLEMENTATION HERE (you will be happy to hear.) 


It is however a lot more challenging to reach all the recommended daily requirements for each vitamin, antioxidant and mineral not to mention the good fats such as omega's 3 + 6.


So instead of reaching for the protein powder, grab the broccoli head instead. You will be gaining a lot more than just protein with these vitamin packed protein veggies!!


 (verified vegans)


I occasionally track my food consumption on an amazing free website called  cronometer.com


It's a brilliant site that breaks down exactly what each food you eat contains regarding fats, proteins, minerals, water & vitamins. If you want to loose weight, gain weight, or be successful on a vegan or any long term healthy lifestyle I highly recommend using it, especially at the start of your journey to ensure your getting not only enough calories but also enough of allllllll the other good stuff too!


So we begin...






Yes you heard me, those little green balls have some of THE HIGHEST PROTEIN available of any vegetable.


1cup has approximately 8.6 grams!!!


Enjoy them frozen, raw from the pod or steamed.


Im pea mad, I love this little green balls of bliss man.








Popeye's favourite food!


Seriously, it didn't click until this year that those cartoon writers may just have been trying to tell us something... 


Anyway, 1cup has 5.3grams of protein




This beautiful superfood is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


Eat it raw chopped up in a salad, blended with tahini to make a pesto sauce or steamed and added to a stir fry.




All hail superfood king kale!


This leafy green is low in calories, high in fibre and contains almost no fat. Winning.


It has an impressive nutritional profile and due to its high levels of chlorophyll, fights cancer...Along with all its many many other impressive benefits like improving bone health, aiding detoxification and promoting heart health.


1 cup of kale has 2.5grams of protein.


For more reasons to eat kale every frigging day read this brilliant article... 






This magic tree contains all those lovely antioxidants and minerals we love.


Some of which regenerate damaged skin cells, fight cancer, boost hair growth, improve the immune system and helps in Anti-aging.


Yes i'm gnawing on a stick of broccoli right now and for the rest of my life... 


There are 3.7grams protein per 1 cup.

To reap the benefits of this green lightly steam it or eat raw.


Awesome spicy stir fry broccoli recipe HERE






Oh the sweetest corn.

Sweet corn is one of my favourite foods. 

I eat a big bowl 





I blend it in dips, eat it by the spoon, or just dive into a tub full of it and lie there soaking up its yellow glow.


So you can imagine my delight to find out it can delay the ageing process due to its wonderful antioxidants, it can strengthen hair, lower cholesterol, improve vision and boost energy!



There are 4.7grams of protein per 1 cup and even more vitamins and antioxidants.

Sweetcorn salsa anyone?






Soooo many types of mushrooms sooo many benefits soooo many nutrients. Google it.

Protein ranking  of 3.9grams per 1 cup. Not bad little guys.

Check out my creamy mushroom dip recipe here



Brussel Sprouts


These green snowballs of yumminess are full of protein,




and minerals.


They act as an anti-inflammatory, support detoxing and can lower cholesterol...


why are these guys only celebrated at Christmas?


4grams of protein per cup




Low in fat, low in calories, high in fibre and high in vitamins.

Artichoke oil is amazingly good for the scalp and hair health giving your locks a glowing luscious appearance.. 

You learn something new every day huh?!


They have a sweet nut-like flavour and every 1cup has 4.2grams protein

There are TONS of yummy vegan artichoke recipes out there just google vegan artichoke recipe, I was amazed.

Try these Vegan artichoke crab cakes 




Available in purple, white and green.

Each with a slightly individual taste.


5 sticks contain only 20 calories and absolutely zero fat, making them great in aiding weight loss. 


1 cup is packed with 4.3grams of protein and a whole host of hearty antioxidants. 





So what do you think?


There's definitely a green theme going on, so if in doubt reach for the plant that has been blessed with green godliness.


A solid, memorable and quick answer to the question "Where do you get your protein from" is as simple as 



Followed by...

"What? You mean you DONT know whats in the food you eat? Wild...Here's an article that you may find useful (insert omnivore name)" 

And direct them here to BananaCountryside.com 

to the page of protein a plenty.


Thank me later



Also, on a final note, some of the strongest animals on the planet are vegan... Apes, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, bison, horse, wildebeest, deer... etc etc


And a final, final note, so are the worlds strongest humans and many athletes..

Strongest in the world




There's even a raw vegan food company called 'Ape Man'.

What have we learnt about Pop Eye and his spinach again... Just sayin'





Thankyou for reading my post, I hope you found it helpful and fun to read.

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts... what would you like me to write about?

Contact me here



Sending love and light,


Rebecca x









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