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January 21, 2018

Those of you following my social media you may know Im currently in Los Angeles baby! This travel adventure and a recent visit to hear Tai Lopez and Neil Patel speak inspired my latest post.



New Year, New You


Usually people kick start a brand new year with a whole set of new year resolutions they hope will change their lives as simply as saying 1.. 2.. GO!

Some people stick to them - but statistics show the majority of us don't!! I think this figure is as wild as 8%, yes you heard me, only 8% of people stick to their resolutions! It doesn't take long before we sink back into old habits...




Well, this year I didn't make a single one. Not one resolution or even an idea that I will begin for a new year, new me lifestyle change.

  • Was this laziness?

  • Lack of commitment and discipline?

  • No imagination?


  • That I'm perfectly happy with myself and my life and wouldn't change a thing?


Lets not joke there.I'm as flawed as the next person. There are unlimited amounts of things I would love to change about myself; my daily routine, my life, lifestyle and habits.


I have an unbelievable amount of things I want to achieve in the next few years and in my lifetime. A never ending list of places to visit and adventures to experience. 


So what better time is there than a the beginning of a new year to achieve a goal or start working towards a new achievement?

Even I with my 'no resolutions agenda' admit that its probably one of THE best times to start something new. But then if it is, why do only 8% of us succeed in keeping it up?



 Set Up to Fail


I believe it's because if we set our expectations too high focussing on the end goal, we doom ourselves to fail immediately. 


Ironic right?! Im one of the biggest dreamers you will find!

Even I know I live with my head in the clouds. Half the time my goals are so high up I cant even see them through the grey murky British rain clouds. Seriously though, who can live with that British weather? Grey, cold, rain... surely that's not healthy for anyone!


One thing I have started implementing in my life is to take baby steps towards the end goal, and I must say its working marvellously for me. 


The 'living one day to the next' idea was inspired by my time living in the Caribbean over the past 2 years. I would spend months at a time living on a 45ft sail boat, sailing around in the Virgin Islands without a care in the world. 




Lazy in Paradise


Between all the beach destinations in the world I have travelled to; from Sand Diego, LA, Miami, The Florida Keys, The Bahamas, Cuba, Antigua, Spain, Greece, Hong Kong, Turkey, Bali, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Philippines and many more... I found the most peaceful, non touristic paradise locations in the Virgin Islands. 


Travelling to see an island such as Koh Samui in Thailand was an incredible experience. I rented a scooter,  and as I was buzzing along the main road on the island, I was desperate for a wee that I had to stop off at a lovely looking private resort... I know right, what a convenient time to need the loo.


It was pretty obvious the resort and beach were strictly for guests only, so I ran into the sea before anyone could throw me out! it's a lot harder to throw a person out who's swimming away from the property right?

Besides, another of my live by quotes is:

"its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission"

and ...Ive never liked being told 'no'.


As I swam around peeing in the ocean surrounding a Thai island, it suddenly became very apparent that this was in fact THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOCATION I HAD EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.

Now I understand why there is a resort surrounding it. 

It was Off Season, so beside me, the beach only had three more people around on it. Silence. Calm crystal clear ocean. White sand beach. The brightest blue sky you will ever see; Like you see on the holiday agents magazines. A real life, un photo shopped paradise.

Man I'm glad I drink so much water now!


This, and 1 or 2 other locations in that list, come slightly close to the beauty of the Virgin Islands; but paired with the sail boat living experience, they pale in comparison.




Living in a paradise location brought my attention to the many layers there are to everywhere I visit.  

When I travel I might only see a place once for a few hours max, but living in the Virgin Islands, I woke up to turquoise seas and palm tree lined beaches every day.  Every day they just looked even more beautiful than the last.  Living on a sailboat meant we moved locations too and often, so I experienced living in many different settings.  There’s Christmas Cove; a beautiful cove of a private island, sheltered and calm. There’s downtown Charlotte Amalie; convenient for shopping and work, but noisy and polluted. And Trellis Bay; walking distance to the airport but quiet and intimately local.



Every day I ask myself how can I make the most of my time here?  The only answers could be; swim in the ocean, snorkel with the fish, hike up the dried waterfall to the top of the island, and go sailing to sleep under the stars in another cove. 

Spending time in nature becomes an absolute priority to make the most of every single day of life spent in that location.  All self-development and career focused goals pale in importance. Spending five hours on a laptop would have benefitted my online career goals, but so what?  They can always be reached in years to come; when moments like these sacred and rare, and not around anymore. 



It’s a little bit like working every single day doing something you don't enjoy, so when you reach 70 years of age you can retire.  Enjoying your life with enough money to go on a cruise?  Well done, what an achievement!  

What if you don't reach 70?  You have all this money saved up for what?  What that money means is the life you have given away.  That’s how I can see it now. 

I’m a hard worker; a high goal setter; I always want to over achieve; to do my best, but I now realise the beauty in doing f*ck all and of the capability we all could have to enjoy a stress free life 



If you don't have your health and happiness you have nothing.


The amount of depression amongst our society is rising. Depression affects everyone from the very wealthy to the very poor. Money and material possessions aren’t the answer to having a great and enjoyable life. Neither is location.


Your happiness will always come from within you. It’s a lot easier saying this and accepting that statement, than it is actually applying it to yourself and finding the happiness inside yourself. I know this as much as anyone.

...I think only the Dalai Lama is content all the time, but how many of us really want to be the Dalai Lama? Yep that’s what I thought, not so many.



Enjoy the Journey to Reaching the Destination


My solution to finding happiness more often in myself, and my life, is to set smaller goals (and expectations??).  Only by living a life where spending time having fun was the most important part of my day, made me realise this one thing.  No-one does that shit.  Like no-one!  

Seriously guys;

·       we work

·       we eat

·       we go to the gym

·       we walk the dog

·       we work on ourselves by reading a book maybe

·       we socialise with friends one evening

But how much of your day is dedicated to ‘nothing but FUN’?

No self-development, no pushing career goals, no how do I make a million bucks brainstorming stuff…. just have fun. Play! 

Like a little child, play time is just as important for us adults too.



So I didn't start this New Year with a new goal for this reason. 


I have enough already.  You have enough already.  We all do.  We are too hard on ourselves, and with high expectations.  It’s okay to give yourself a break too.  When you relax, go with the flow, something you never expected might happen. 

This is EXACTLY how LA happened for me!


I was in England, feeling unmotivated and to be honest a bit low.  Work was slow, and I was in the middle of moving house.  So decided to come to LA to visit a friend for a couple of weeks.  Even though this is only the third day, coming here was the best action I could have taken right now.




Sometimes You Have to Flip Your Life Upside Down to See Clearly Again.


Yesterday my friend invited me to attend a mentor convention, hosted by Tai Lopez.  For over 12 hours the incredible Social Media sensation, spoke alongside 10 other inspiring, motivational and successful entrepreneurs. 

For once in my life I didn't care that I was inside all day, whilst the weather outside was beautiful and sunny.

This was one of the best days of my life.

It is weird for me to say this as I'm usually more of a ‘wildlife, hike up a hill kind of girl’.  Being around so many entrepreneurial people so motivated to succeed, was so inspiring that I came away with my head whizzy and a little bit ‘brain exhausted’ from the whole thing.



"No just means - not right now" - Tai Lopez


I'm terrible at is taking rejection, so this statement was really helpful to hear and echoed by all the speakers. 

No just means not right now.  So simple but so true.  If you don't succeed try and try again.  It’s what we get taught growing up.  Somehow when self-doubt creeps in we almost forget, and take that one NO as a resounding rejection from everyone everywhere.  Well I know I did anyway. 


To hear such a successful person as Tai Lopez say "No just means not right now" was incredibly comforting. 


There were so many more priceless pieces of information given to us all in the day, that I would have no hesitation in recommending his conference to anyone.  Anyone who wants to succeed in life, business, and their life goals.


Through my quest for an easy, stress free life, and a lack of focus in the new year, I ended up here in LA, and going to the best convention I've ever been!  Gaining some invaluable information, inspiration, and motivation, which I will now try to apply to every part of my life. 


Having this mental freedom can open up doors, taking you down different paths a far more than a rigid agenda ever would.  

Set some time aside for YOU; for YOUR playtime; enjoy YOUR life; get out go somewhere and do something different!


Going off script, free styling through life, just every once in a while can benefit YOU more than you could ever imagine.




So who's reached the end? Anyone still reading...?


If you enjoyed this, make sure you subscribe to the 'Banana Countryside' email list at the bottom of this page - you don't want to miss the next adventure! 


I do hope you enjoy reading my posts, there’s always something positive to take from them to affect your own life. 


Love & light to you all,


Rebecca x



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