Dancing On A Bike Whilst Sweating Your A** Off...?

February 3, 2018


I was a little pessimistic towards Soul Cycle before I had even tried it. 


Why Rebecca? 


Well since you asked...


SoulCycle is the newest trend of indoor cycling.  The classes, instructors and studios have had a lot of really amazing press.  They have also received a lot of bad press too, from fitness industry individuals, and former soul cycling converts


I first heard about the new cycling trend from lifestyle blogger Caroline Deisler.  Even through the mixed reviews I was excited to see what all the fuss was about!  - Yes I’m fully aware I’m a few years late to the game, but c’mon between the Caribbean and the North of England, there aren’t any new trends creeping their way up to these regions any time soon.


After enquiring about prices and class schedule at the Beverly Hills Soul Cycle, I was already a little put off by the snooty unfriendly receptionists!  I’m sure this was probably just down to cultural differences, along with the fancy location that is Beverly Hills.


Cycle With Your Soul


I assure you the minute my foot stepped through the studio door, all negative connotations previously associated with Soul Cycle quickly dissolved.

 I was amazed at the attention to detail in every area from; the studio, to the bikes, class format, music, instructor enthusiasm, changing rooms, free toiletries and even the sportswear… I mean have you SEEN some of the Soul Cycle gym pants?  Jazzy sparkle stripes in multicolour with a glitter star waistband have me feeling AND looking like a rockstar!



So what happens at SoulCycle?


The class its self can’t even be compared to the average Spinning class!  Because Spinning classes often become tedious and boring, I find myself looking at the clock almost every five minutes and barely even break a sweat in some classes at my hometown gym.  Not to mention the questionable music choices; usually chosen by the spinning instructor!  Seriously! Cater to the class… not your personal choice of rock music guys! 

I stopped attending the classes for that reason.  I have better things to be doing with my life other than listening to someone else’s personal music playlist, and doing the same cycling sequence week after week. 

My favourite ‘annoying’ quote from one of these instructors who blitzes dance beats with no singing in, and is “pushing, pulling”, she says this in an almost pornographic voice.  Motivation wise, telling me to ‘push’ and ‘pull’ my legs is pretty lame instruction… I’m cycling, not attempting to become a magnet!!


Let Your Soul Guide You Through Your Cycling Adventure


Soul Cycle has a completely different approach.  The music wasn’t to my personal taste, but I enjoyed the motivating tunes… and at times even sang along. 

The instructor was illuminated on a platform above us all, with laptop and microphone -  it was like a performance! 


She was THE most energetic, enthusiastic instructor I’ve ever had.  Full of motivational quotes, dance moves, and wafting of arms around.  

We didn’t just cycle our way through each track, we cycled, press up’d, bicep curled, shoulder pressed, clapped, tilted, sat down, stood up, isolated our butt muscles… It was tricky at times but kept me engaged and interested for the full 45minutes. 


When we reached the end of the class I was shocked that 45minutes had passed already.  Man time flies when your having fun!


Alongside the amazing teacher; I loved the set up of the studio with its dark candle lit room, the design of the bikes handlebars to target different muscles when we push up’d, the fact my weights were already clipped under my seat, and a fresh towel laid over my bike ready for me when I walked in.  Even the special touches like disinfectant wipes, ear plugs in case the music was too loud for you, and the filtered water machines, hair ties, tampons, cotton buds, hair spray, face wash, chewing gum, biscuits, shower towels, free lockers, and specific cycle shoes provided, the list just goes on and on.. 

But more to the point I felt special being there, and it felt like a ‘treat’.  Which is exactly what a workout is supposed to feel like, a treat for you and your body.


The Adventure is LIFE and Without Soul there Cannot be Life


The lack of membership came under fire in one article I read.  I must admit if I wanted to attend regular classes ie 3 to 4 per week, I would end up with a hefty bill.  Unless your have a reliable substantial cashflow coming in every month, maybe look to Soul Cycle as your speciality class.  One per week should be manageable, and you will still feel the benefits of mixing up your workout routine this way.


If you’re a newbie to this gym, you can benefit from two classes for $30.  I got fitted for a new bike, gaining an extra class free too.  So three classes for $30 is pretty decent for a studio like this.


SOUL Cycle. Cycling With LIFE!


So; for a killer cycling class, which covers a good overall body workout in 45minutes, with motivational one liners, and an instructor that appears to LOVE what they’re doing, Soul Cycle is perfect.  Mix up your routine with one class a week, and enjoy free sanitary products, hair ties and ear plugs FOR LIFE….. and don’t act like you weren’t thinking it too ;)

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