I have a NEW Youtube channel!


Helloooo beautiful souls!


So Youtube... I'm kind of late to the game I know but I finally set up a Youtube channel. 


The last 4 years have been crazy hectic and wilder and more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.


In 2017 I visited 18 different countries and in the first 5 months of 2018 already visited 7, all unplanned last minute spontaneous ventures that I loved every second of. 


But why didn't I film ANY of it?!? I wish i had!

Even now when I look back 12 months on I wish I had put together a little video to remind me of the little things, y'know, the small moments that we easily forget but quickly remember once someone reminds us or we see a photo.


It's those little moments that are the most precious and make up the magic of travelling.


So although my life has slowed down a little (purposefully) over the summer, Im thinking now is the perfect time to practise my filming and editing skills and get some juicy content on that squeaky clean new channel.


So here we go, ready for it?????



It's here... Youtube : BananaCountryside !!!


Im going to be filming everything on Health & Happiness. 


From fitness, yoga, healthy recipes, travels Vlogs and my creative work. 


All the things that inspire me and make me a healthy, happy person, because thats what we all deserve... Health & happiness! 


So if i can inspire one person or make one person smile, it will al be worth it.


Got a question you want me to answer or make a video about?? 


Visit my Contact me page and TELL ME :)


Visit the NEW YOUTUBE tab and watch away. Im aiming to upload twice a week... but bare with me, I'm a newbie.



Love & light, Keep smiling


Rebecca x




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